Always a Beginner

One month down one to go. This last week was the start of the second month of my internship with Doug. So far I’ve had a blast and learned a ton. Although, I have to say, being a novice is really hard at times. I have made so many mistakes, I move at the pace of a snail, I ask too many questions, and I feel totally clueless and unsure about everything most of the time. There are some days where everything I do I mess up. I just have to continue to remind myself that this is where I am starting from and it takes time to get good at anything. It’s nice to remind myself that all I can do is take life one day at a time and one step at a time which is much more conducive to enjoying the journey and staying optimistic and hopeful. This is true for all areas of my life.


Adding inner boarders to trivets

Last week I had a really fun time helping Doug a lot with his projects. I made outer boarders for table runners putting dado grooves into them – it went a lot better this time. Then I put the boarders on the table runners. I also got to put inner boarders on trivets. The trivets were fun because I got to work a bit with the spalted wood and it became more about design; I got to pick out the best parts of the spalted wood and match them up around the trivets. I also got to know the chop saw better and started to figure out where to place the blade to get a closer more accurate cut. Doug always suggests cutting it on the big side to start and pruning it down over a few cuts to be on the safe side. After a while I started to see where the sweet spot was where it would either by right on or just barely big and could hit it more often.


A stack of “canvases” (Trivets with outer and inner boarders) for Doug

Working so close to Doug on the same projects he’s working on has made me really in awe of him. He is so enthusiastic about his work and gets so excited over it, almost giddy. He is an artist right down to the core when it comes to the work he’s doing now. When you look at his work it’s so amazing and beautiful but you would never guess how much he puts into it. You can’t even begin to imagine unless you get to know him in his work setting. He wakes up really early and starts working, he’s a machine and works straight through with no break other than lunch, and he’s still working when I go home. I know he says he gets tired but you really could never tell.

Lately, Doug has been really pushing me to be more independent and to figure out more things on my own. This has led to a lot of mistakes. However, as nice as it is to do things perfect the first time, you really do learn a lot more from mistakes. People always say this and, as I’m discovering, it holds a lot of truth. It’s really hard on my immediate self-confidence and pride but in the long run it’s truly a blessing. Just by making one mistake I get to learn what not to do, how to fix my mistake, and how I can do it better the next time. That’s a pretty good ROI if you ask me.

Lot’s of ups and downs, lots of hard work, and lots of learning happening. I’m grateful for all that and looking forward to more.

“You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.” – Barbara Sher


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